Angling for a Photo Op

Local and foreign dignitaries such as local businessmen and Chinese and Taiwanese representatives in Chicago angling for a photo op with politicians in attendance at the Argyle Street Lunar New Year Parade on February 9, 2019. The politicians were Senator Dick Durbin, Representative Jan Schakowsky, and Alderman Harry Osterman.

The guy wearing the black overcoat on the left, I believe is the Taiwanese commerce representative in Chicago and was really aggressively insinuating himself into the view. He spoke earlier to the crowd.

The moai at Easter Island North

Photographing the moais at Easter Island North post Polar Votex.
Thorndale Avenue Beach, Lake Michigan, Edgewater, Chicago, February 1, 2019

And here they are – remnants of a previously unknown civilization – showing up during the Polar Vortex. What do these statues mean? Are they mankind’s messages to aliens from space who once ruled this forsaken landscape? No one will ever know.