One has to – from climbing rocks, to setting up the tripod on an uneven surface, then attaching various filters on the lens, not withstanding making a big decision what lens to use at which setting. Oh, and waking up early to brave the cold to catch the sunrise that didn’t. Just to get photos like these:

At which point you wish you had better conditions.

At Chicago’s Leone Beach in Rogers Park in the far northside.

Open House Chicago 2017 Day 1

Various locations – starting from the Aon Building, to the Blue Cross Blue Shields Building, then the Prudential I Plaza, and then to the Pritzker Military Library and then to the Wintrust Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Money Museum and lastly the Chicago Temple (First Methodist Temple). It was a wet miserable day, but thousands of people and photographers came out to the event. And I walked over 4.8 miles and climbed an equivalent of 25 floors!