A photographer photographing from Mike Gordon’s Flickr stream

About Uncommon Photographers
I started this site in 2004 when I found that some of my photos sometimes included other photographers, sometimes, in the most uncompromising positions to capture that perfect image.

Back in the day, it was a novelty to find photographers photographing in the streets and it was always a joy to meet others of the same kind and photographing them and posting the photographs here.

Photographer in Snow Storm
A photographer photographing from Bob Segal’s Flickr stream

Nowadays, with the popularity of digital photography and better phone cams, street photographers are a dime a dozen and almost invariably now, you can’t avoid including them in your photos especially in popular areas. In fact, now the game is … try to avoid including photographers photographing in your shots!

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Ken is a Philippine-born scientist turned photographer turned high school teacher. He is based in Chicago and is available for assignments.

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