Throwback – Entries from Feb 1, 2009

Uncommon Photographers started back sometime in 2004 (I think, probably even earlier) and had undergone several iterations because of server issues. In many cases, I had to move servers because the site, at one point, became so popular due to a mention, I think, in, I don’t remember now, it might have been another site, but it was an early form of being viral when viral was still not in the vocabulary. The hosting companies said that I hogged their resources and I was asked to move or upgrade, several times. When I finally got exasperated moving sites lock stock and barrel, I finally rented/bought my own server. But that also presented many problems – servers are hacked or are attempted to be hacked constantly, and I surely had my share of attacks, a majority of which were unsuccessful but there were a few hacks that went through due to vulnerabilities of software. There were two particular attacks in the past that were so severe and intractable that we had to reformat the drives and start all over again. Even with backups, I would just decide to re-do my sites and start from scratch.

At anyrate, I have two more weeks of vacation so I decided to clean/purge several old external hard drives and am finding many photos that I had in the site in its earlier form. (When I should be cleaning the apartment, right, but no, I am plastered in front of my computer doing what I enjoy doing. Hah!) This batch were in a folder dated February 1, 2009. It looked like I was out in the middle of winter from morning till night that day – but really, half of the pictures were taken from my office window and while the other half were during my walk from my building to the bus stop.

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